Commencement of academic programmes

Academic programms for the students who have obtained admission from G.C.E. A/L August 2014, to follow degree programmes at the University of Jaffna have commenced or being scheduled for commencement.

  • Faculty of Engineering: Orientation programme was held from 09.11.2015 to 04.12.2015 and the lectures commenced from 07.12.2015.
  • Faculty of Medicine: Orientation programme is being conducted from 23.11.2015 to 05.02.2016. Lectures for the fresh students would commence from 08.02.2016.
  • Faculty of Agriculture: Orientation programme is currently conducted from 01.02.2016 up to 05.02.2016. Lectures will start from 08.02.2016.
  • Faculty of Management studies and Commerce: Orientation programme was conducted from 25.01.2016 to  29.01.2016 and the lecture commenced from 01.02.2016.
  • Allied Health Science Unit: Orientation programme commences on 08.02.2016 and would be conducted until 12.02.2016. Lectures will commence from 15.02.2016.
  • Faculty of Science: Registration process for the students selected for Faculty of Science is under way. Orientation programme is scheduled to be from 04.04.2016 to 08.04.2016, and the lectures would commence from 10.04.2016.

We welcome all the fresh students to the University of Jaffna and wishing you all to have a pleasant and fruitful stay at the University.

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